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Principal's Note

So much to do and so little time! I’m not sure what it is about the period of time after Easter, but it just seems to fly by. The end of another school year is flying toward us and we seem to stress over our attempts at teaching just “one more thing.” I try to help staff and students relax and remember that we will have another opportunity next year to cover what we did not get to this year. ( I know, easier said than done.) We also stress over the thought of how much our students will forget over summer....

This is an area where you as the parent, grandparent or close friend can help. Please take some time this summer to read to and with your children. Set time aside each day to have some quiet time and get lost in a book. It’s one of the best ways to travel! Communication is another area that is not only important, but quite easy to do. Talk to your children this summer. Ask them their opinion about things going on around them, things in the news, research something together, write a letter to a friend or relative.

As the end of June sneaks up on us, please mark your calendar to attend a Historical Society presentation to be held at the Community Hall on June 26 @ 6 PM. Tom Keeter will be presenting some of our area’s rich local history. He has studied this area extensively and has pictures and data that is very interesting. I hope you will attend!

Enjoy summer, see you in September. Peggy Canale 


The After-School Academic Program is planning activities for the next two weeks. Your child must be signed up for at least three days a week and not a drop-in. Please mark the days they will be attending and circle either van home or be picked up. Our van goes down Van Duzen Rd, to Mad River Trailer Park, Dinsmore as well as Ruth and Hettenshaw Valley.  The form, signed, is mandatory to stay at the After-School Program.






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