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Van Duzen Student of the Month

    Evelynne Yarbrough

Self-control is an important skill to have for successful learners. Our student of the month is Evelynne Yarbrough. She was selected by her peers as the student who remembers to raise her hand, stay in her seat, and does not shout-out during lessons.
                                                      -Mrs. Hill K-2

    Jenesis Holland

Jenesis shows great self-control every day as she continues to complete her work and then read her books despite the distractions going on around her. She is respectful to her teachers and her peers and she is responsible with her assignments in class. 

                                                                                                     -Mrs. Toerpe 3-5

    Annika Collins                     

Annika is polite, courteous, and kind to staff and peers alike. Her class work is always done to the best of her ability and she tries to make others feel welcome.

                                                                                                   -Mrs. Block & Ms. Parrott

Annika      Jenesis      Evelynne
  Annika                                              Jenesis                                              Evelynne


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