April 15, 2021

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11th & 12th graders can sign up to take the SAT until April 20th.

Menu: Chicken Fajitas

Bus Duty:  Mr. Felt

Dress Code

Pupils have the right to wear clothing of their own choice while at school.


The following guidelines shall apply to all regular school activities: (1) Shoes or appropriate sandals must be worn at all times. (2) Clothing, jewelry and personal items (backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles etc) shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia which are crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive, which bear drug, alcohol or tobacco company advertising, promotions and likeness, or which advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice. (3) Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times.  See-through or fish-net fabrics, halter tops, off-the-shoulder or low-cut tops, bare midriffs and skirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh are prohibited. Torn/distressed clothing must meet the previously stated criteria. Sleeveless tops are permitted providing the strap is 2 inches wide and the armholes are not loose. (4) Hair may not be sprayed by any coloring that would drip when wet.


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