February 21, 2019                                     2



 - Ashley




 Menu:  Beef Tacos


Student Council meeting today at 1pm in library to discuss town trip and March Class comps.

 Thought of the day: Why must the phrase "it's none of my business" always be followed by the word "but?"

Attention:  Ladies going to town tomorrow: Gina needs to know asap, if you are not going on student council trip tomorrow.  If you decide not to go, you will be expected to be here at school all day.  Please come by office and inform Gina of your plans before 3rd period.

Mt. Shasta Ski Trip is also on February 22nd. Vans will be leaving at 5am. Those of you not going to town or are not going sking will remain here at school with Mr. Felt and Mrs. Fargo.  

Please remember students:   that both field trips tomorrow are authorized by the school district.  All school rules will apply while you are on trip.  Please be careful and responsible in how you conduct yourself.  Thank you


Charges that have to be paid before you can attend any school trips or activities: This includes ski trip and trip to town!                    

Teaona - $8         Daysha $5

Adam - $13            



Mrs. H has bus duty this week.






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