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We're Located at

680 Van Duzen Road in Mad River California just south of Hwy 36 in beautiful So. Trinity County.


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680 Van Duzen Road, Mad River,  CA 95526IMG 0554 Superintendent Peggy Canale

Our Mission and Vision

  Southern Trinity Jt. Unified School District is committed to providing excellence in educational programs that carry high expectations for each student's achievement and success.

  Guided by the highest expectations, STJUSD provides our students with a broad range of rigorous educational opportunities.  Staff enables students to reach their full potential and successfully meet the demands and opportunities of a highly technological 21st Century.
  Students graduate with a core of knowledge and skills that become the building blocks for lifelong learning.  They graduate with a positive attitude and the leadership, character, and academic skills necessary to excel in a global arena.
  Families are an integral part of the educational process.  In recognition of this important role, family involvement is actively sought, encouraged, and welcomed.
  Business and community partnerships greatly enhance students' learning experiences and educational opportunities.  Partnerships offer students opportunities to apply their learning to real-world situations.College Readiness Block Grant
  Schools serve as community hubs, places where the community gathers to celebrate and improve learning and to enjoy art, music, sports, public speaking, drama, and other school-related activities.  The use of school facilities by the community is encouraged.
  School facilities are a reflection of the entire community.  We provide students with the educational tools to meet the technological demands of the future and the social skills to function in a culturally diverse society.


Title IX Laws - Discrimination and Harassment

Southern Trinity Joint School District     
680 Van Duzen Road, Mad River, CA 95526